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Virginity – a Traditional Myth !



Do you know how expensive is revirginization is being a Virgin Again! It is a painful, artificial treatment that costs 50,000 INR to 70,000 INR. You can think why we need to spend and repair hymen(i will tell you what’s that) if it is going to be break again. Yes, here we are going to see why all women are desperately trying to be a virgin and what’s the reason behind these.

What is “Virginity”?

In Reality Virginity is nothing to do with the genitals , Initially virginity means

A woman who is not bound to anything, independent, not married, not possessed by men, so totally both physically and mentally on her own

but it turned into a weapon against women by the sexiest. So nowadays virginity refers to genitals, chastity, character, purity (like ghee! ). So now see the below picture

for illustrating virginity used black and white frame

Within the black frame, we can’t find anything right this what like virginity looks like, yeah virginity will be decided by whether a girl having a hymen. The hymen is a thin tissue that is partially closing the entrance of the vagina. why I asked you to see the above image because no one can see or sense the presence of hymen even doctors.

There is a myth that if a woman bleed after her first time she is virgin .But it is not ,

  • some of the women born without a hymen.
  • the hymen is thinner and easily breakable tissue it will get broke by horse riding, sports activities.
  • And in some cases, women won’t bleed even if she has a hymen.
  • Hymen will break while using tampoon(used in menses ), and by some toys inserting.

So now we know that hymen is so called virginity for woman. (Ah! virginity is only for woman no need to specify right?!).

Women’s Anxiety!

Like Men, Women are equally obsessed with virginity. Recently women are visiting doctors to know whether “the hymen will grow naturally “, “Whether their partner can find, that she is not a virgin “.See How women are anxious, bewildered about virginity if she is going to married. Mom’s also educating her child-like hymen is all (our family image is in your hand ) so don’t ever have sex!?.

Also, Religious believes(not a particular religion cuz all religion believes sex is sin ), make them feel guilty or regret after their first time. One of the lectures will preserve it for your future husband. Over 70 percent of women are not virgins before their marriage but they lie to their partner (there is no need but still !).

There are reasons for woman’s anxiety, men only want virgin brides. A woman’s character lies on her hymen (totally unrelatable). Women’s family pride, image, status all lies on hymen: ‘D, women also preserve her first time as a gift for her husband. This is the reason why hymen reconstruction is an expensive and well-earning field.

18 again!

This is an 80’s ad for hymen reconstruction, saying after intercourses

  • the vagina becomes loose,
  • dry,
  • and the partner won’t feel good,
  • a woman will lack her confidence

They are so daring to publish this. At that time only 1 percent of women are willing to get under the knife to reconstruct their hymen for her partner. But now most women are willing to undergo painful and artificial treatment which is going to be tore.

For artificial hymen, doctors will see whether there are broken hymen tissues to stretch and stitch. Else they will insert biomaterial tissue which will act like a virgin vagina. The treatment is painful and not recommended by doctors but still, women are willing to do.

(Note for women : ladies don’t do that , if your man cant accept this ,then you need to repair your brain not your vagina)

True reasons to be a Virgin

In ancient times virginity is considered as the purity, character of a woman. Because there is no contraceptive pills and no treatment for Sexually Transmitted Disease(STDs). So they used this reason to prevent these tragedies but later stage sexiest and narrow-minded men changed the facts. Though there are technology and precautions for all, still they linger around the tradition, attacking her verbally.

Now get into the important topic, here comes men’s perspectives :

Men’s Virginity Fetish

Virginity is a very very personal decision but men are so insecure when it comes to sex. Some of the FACTS men will tell about virginity:

  • If a woman is not a virgin then, she doesn’t have self-control she is an sl*t(sry for the abusive word but that is reality)
    • But men who are virgin will get embarrassed and they are encouraged to have experience
    • There is no need to compare self-control and character (cuz they are male)
    • they won’t face the consequences what women faces
  • A man who commented about virginity (which is really disturbing)
    • “Can you buy a soda can unseal then how can I marry a woman who is not a virgin “
    • Later this comment is deleted out of controversy and oppositions
  • Men who have Virgin fetishes don’t need a soulmate they need a product
    • They need to own the property themselves.
    • They don’t need damaged goods.
  • they are so insecure
    • if a woman had experienced what if she compares with her past
    • what if he is not good enough
    • their pride and ego will get hurt
    • so they need the fresh and inexperienced product.
  • Women who lose her hymen by rape also considered “damaged goods” or “ignored products” you can see the details of Pollachi incident
    • one of the disturbing comments is “So from now on we can’t marry a girl from Pollachi ” indicating that girls are impure (seriously ! he needs counseling).
  • They think Sex is pure, penis-vagina-insertion or vagina-penis-insertion else it is not counted as losing your virginity(basically something wrong with these men)
  • And the most important weapon, their character, personality will be questioned.

And finally request for both men and women :

Virginity is merely pyshological not related to physical if you truly love your patner ,the traits which you want to consider are

  • loyalty
  • honesty
  • true love
  • maturity
  • understanding
  • good communication

But ignoring these key traits and running behind your ego, pride won’t help out. If they can’t accept your past (the past is the thing that made you into a better person) then they won’t accept your present self, just ignore and move on.

And girls who give importance to mere tissue ,are not loving themselves .Be kind to yourself .Men who doesn’t bothered by these things are true gem 💎 .And that’s it for today 😊

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