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Unique Phobias You Ever Heard




Well Many of us know Claustrophobia since it is used in many films and novels. Well aware of this phobia but ever we considered there will be some and unique phobias there. The way I’m using it as unique is I don’t want to use it as Weird or bizarre, it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is the same as a physical illness that may be even worse than physical illness. That’s why mental illness like a phobia is left untreated.

What I’m trying to say here is people who are having a mental illness are getting ignored or bullied. It’s so pitiful right! if it is treated but what will some people bully them. This is happening because we don’t know how serious. we don’t have awareness.

Most of the phobias are started from infancy level so parents need to understand their child’s situation and mentality. It can be treated through proper treatment it will be improved. In this blog, we are going to see unique phobias we never heard.


a girl feared of crowd image
a girl who is afraid of people

Anthropophobia is Fear of people, it is often misunderstood with Social Phobia. But it is not Social Phobia is fear of Public Speaking, engaging activities with a crowd so they avoid all kind of situation leads to crowded areas

This is mostly caused in infancy, they might be bullied or humiliated some kind of trauma made them fear people. They always think others are watching us, their actions and cloths they constantly concerned about the people’s words towards them.

Symptoms of Anthropophobia is Shaking (trembling ), sweating, turning red, can’t breathe normally when they spoke to others. So most cases they avoid meeting people.

To know more about this phobia


a boy who is genophobia is covering his ears in anxity
A boy with Genophobia trying to avoid the situation by covering his ears

Genophobia is the fear of having a sexual relationship, yeah you can say that what kind of weird phobia is this !? who don’t like intercourses? But it is not like that every person has his own reason for having an illness.

Genophobia is mostly seen in people who are molested or abused or sexually humiliated, the trauma during their past experience won’t allow them to have sexual relations with his/her partner, their past will be triggered when they involve.

The least cause for Genophobia is traditional upbringing and religious believes that sex is guilt. Symptoms are Sweating, nauseous, dizzy, difficulty in breathing, heartbeat racing.

To know more about this phobia


image of number 666
image of number 666

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, right pretty big name and difficult to pronounce, this is fear of number 666. Like 13 is an unlucky number same goes for 666 it is considered to be unlucky and a number of demons.

It is purely based on religious belief and supersition.In bible it states that “number of beasts” as “six hundred and sixty six”

Symptoms are making decisions that will avoid the number 666

  1. like refusing to live in a house number 666
  2. not paying $6.66, avoid number plates,
  3. phone number

so mostly person who has this phobia don’t ever want to see that number .

link to know more about this phobia

So far you can see I didn’t mention how to overcome those phobias because it is not advisory to assume ourselves since it is IMPORTANT .it is advised to seek psychiatric advice to cure rather than ignoring. Seeking medication in early-stage helps a lot for the patient and that’s all for today 🙂

if you need to know more about unique phobias here is some of the links ,

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