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Tricks to crack content writing interview



Interview questions and answers for content writing

1- What makes content good?

Ans: While writing a content one must take care of the audience or reader to whom we are going to address. Because they are the one who is going to decide whether the content you wrote is good or bad. Try to make content description to the point, should have a “catchy” heading/title. It should not be boring.

To avoid the content to be boring one must include the recent trends trending in that particular sector. Add some gifs, images, or charts to avoid continuous text. The use of different colors for highlighting the content can make it attractive. Using a simple English language can make it readable for every individual. Using a story in the background can make it impressive.

2- What styles are you familiar with?

Ans. I am familiar with PERSUASIVE, DESCRIPTIVE, and EXPOSITORY writing style because as an engineering student we have to do a lot of research every semester and at the end of a semester present/submit it in “descriptive” form. Persuasive style helps to write cover letters for jobs.

3- What do you enjoy the most about content writing?

Ans: Whenever the topic is researched-based, it excites me a lot. I like to write content because it explores the way of thinking and makes you more punctual towards your writing. Recently, I wrote a content on UI/UX designer which helped me to learn the trends in UI/UX design different software used in it, and using creativity. One of the best parts I like in content writing is, it makes you habitual to write every day. It has discovered creativity in me.

4- How do you make sure work gets done on schedule?

Ans: Before going to bed I try to make an excel sheet along with a to-do list which contains the schedule of my next day and I strictly follow it. And after the day is completed, I figure out the work checklist. If the work which was supposed to complete on a particular day is incomplete for that I have allotted a special time. I have completed my primary and secondary education in military training school which have inculcated in me discipline, dedication, and the most important i.e. to respect time.

5- Are you available for complete 2 months without any break in between? If no, when and for how long?

Ans: Yes, I am available for the next three months without any break. I ensure you that I will work wholeheartedly, punctually and with a dedication to giving my best. Currently, I am working for as a blogger and it has been fifteen days, I am continuously publishing my blogs.

Here are some of the best content writing examples:

Some tricks to get selected:

1)Look after the position you are applying and focus on the requirements.

2)Visit the company’s website and have overlooked the services they provide.

3) Be confident while answering the questions.

4) Talk about the past experience you have in the field you are applying.

5) Focus on your strengths and express your weakness in such a way that your weakness turns into strength.

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Succeeding towards content writing

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