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In the word every one should pass every stage of their life. And every person in the world should experience every stage of the life.

From our childhood we will experience all the moments. But the most important of stage of the life is “TEENAGE”.

Teenage is the most crucial part of the life. It is the time where we build-up ourself. No stage in our life effect like teenage.

It will affect a lot to every person. In this stage, we will improve a lot physically and mentally. In this stage only we will get different thoughts in our life. In teenagers, there is a big thing in our life is will affect a person a lot in the teenage.

It will make a lot of different things in our life. It will bring good things and bad things into our life. And it will make people come closer to us and make people move far from us. It will make our life happy and make our life also sorrow.

Here is story about a person who got a lot of changes in her life by entering her teenage.

There is a person named soumya.She is from telangana.And she has a sister who got married recently.She is with her mother and father.She worked very hard to get good score in her ssc.And she got a seat in a university that is rgukt basar.She had only one thought about her life.She wanted to become an IAS officer.She started working towards her goal.She did not have any thought except her goal.She did not even talk to any boy in her class atleast.She continued her studies without thiniking about any external things.

And she did not even think about her friends in the college also. She only decided to think about only about her life. And she only thought about her life and family.

Her first year had been completed and her second year had been started. And time changes along by changing the people. She had some different thoughts which entered her life. She had a new friend who affected a lot her life. She got a friend from her SSC. She felt very happy about gaining that friend as a part of her life. But that friend made a lot of things to be changed. Slowly she started thinking about him and forgetting about her goal and family. She started spending a lot of time talking to him. She did not get any rems in her first year, but she started thinking about him she got rem in her second year. They continued the same until the third year. In the third year, the effect is a lot. She started almost a lot of time with him. She is totally forgotten her dream. And she got two rems in her third year. Even though she is losing everything she is unable to forget about him.

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