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advantage of smiling

Smile: Wake up with a beautiful smile to live a healthy life



Life is a mirror. What we think to be outside must first exist inside. Hence, if we want a beautiful day, we must wake up with a face with a beautiful smile, a heart that has unconditional love, and a mind that has magnificent thoughts. The most effective way is with our morning. your morning can bring you joy prosperity on one side as well as sadness on the other. Try to wake up with a beautiful smile on your face and have a great day ahead.

I have a huge picture of words like ‘thank you’, ‘dream big’,’be kind’, ‘magic’, ‘smile’, right in front of my bed. As I wake up these words fill my mindfulness. My body clock wakes me up at 5:30 am and my music system has ‘affirmation’. This starts playing as I meditate over thoughts, such as ‘I am a magnet for miracle’, ‘I love to enjoy the success whether it is mine or other’. Don’t start your day with some unhappy words in the morning such as my day is not good, something bad will occur today. Keep positive thinking at the peak level in the morning.

When we wake up, we are at a peak of enthusiastic level which is very powerful for messages to permeate into our subconscious. Hence, affirmations, meditation, taking care of your dogs, or just smiling are an effective way to attract a miracle. Stop blaming the outside chaos to maintain peace inside. Exercising in the morning increases your energy level to boost your day full of energy.

Being positive towards the smile

I try to avoid watching movies, news, fighting with others, seeing my phones, drugging, or creating chaos as I wake up. The mind is the last frontier and if you believe this, life would be in your alchemist’s palms. Mobile can’t harm you but it will stunt your morning enthusiasm.

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