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Parenting Vs Psychopath Killer




Many of us as a parent we don’t need our child to become a psychopath yeah I know. But sometimes our parenting fails, yeah we failed to understand our child. Psychopaths, they are also human they too have feelings but have you ever wondered what made them like this! Yes, Most of the child psychopaths are created because of their bad childhood experiences.

It doesn’t mean we need to see our child as a killer its just sometimes we too have mood swings, stress, depression which will badly affect the bond between our child. Here we are going to see how bad parenting creates psychopaths. But parents don’t lose confidence we can be a good /best parent it’s just we need to be more matured and open-minded when it comes to children. Instead of postponing our answers regarding their questions just answer them. Now let’s get started! πŸ™‚

How Parenting affects a child

Children are like blank board they don’t know anything in this world, They learn from what they see, what they experienced. So in childhood, they learn a lot from us because they are sticking close to us and taking us as a role model, learning from every single action we do. Whenever we get happy child will get happy, whenever we get excited and encouraged they took as a good thing and tend to do it more to get more appreciation from us.

On the other side of the coin, we too get agitated, tensed. This will affect children, they observe us why we agitated what reactions and words we are using how we are using and they try to mirror what we did. I will attach a child’s video as (how their parents reached them it’s quite impressive)

grey and mama is the Youtube channel , a child how receives his food from his mom

Here whenever he receives food he always says thank you with a big smile n his (cute, chubby )face. And the most important thing is he is not a picky eater he eats all foods his mom gives without hesitation. His food includes meat, fruit, vegetables but he received without whining (that’s so cute :3). An in the next video you will see how he rejects the food he doesn’t like.

a boy who says no thank u for the food he don’t like

Here he doesn’t know how the coconut water tastes, so he tastes first but after tasting he doesn’t like it. When his mom asked do you want more he politely said “no thank you, mama” with a smile(aww). Also, he didn’t spit the water though he doesn’t like that. (it’s so sweet of him if you want to see his videos you can visit his channel I love him :p).

I’m not saying his mother is the only one who is good at parenting its just, I love his politeness for his age so I shared this, an example of good parenting. If a child does something wrong and we took that as a huge mistake, punish them severely it will leave a scar in their heart. If this continues slowly their heart changes into vengeance and killing intent. You may think about how it will make them a killer I will explain it later, now just focus on why parents are sometimes hard to understand.

Parents Mindset

We as a parent, love our child more than anything and anyone in this world. We care about them, we like to spend our time with them, we like it when they act mature, we like it when they act childishly. Its when we are in good mood not under stress but once we are in stress or depression we forget being rational.

Sometimes we think punishing them will make them learn, but unfortunately, it’s not its make them curious about what they did wrong? why is it wrong?. When we punish them physically like beating it will hit at different levels instead of learning they will avoid us, even if it is a small mistake they won’t tell or share with us. The mere sight of us will frighten them. If we continue to punish them for being closed and avoiding us do you know what will happen Then watch the below video!

Beth 6-year-old girl wants to kill her family

a girl who is abused by her parents and having killing intent

Beth is a smart, intelligent, beautiful girl but because of the abuses she experienced she didn’t know that killing is bad, she was not a psychopath it’s just she has those psychopath traits Fortunately, she is fine now after treatment now she is leading a happy life.

So far we know that parenting plays a major role in personal character, psychopaths are who don’t think that killing and hurting is wrong. They always break rules, they are narcissists, aggressive, selfish.And That’s it for today πŸ˜‰

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β€œI THink a lot of psychopaths are just geniuses who drove so fast that they lost control.”

― Criss Jami, Killosophy

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