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Morning routine:



6:00 AM: Visualize – when you wake up in the morning, it is very very important to start the day with a vibe that is purely positive. One of the best ways to achieve that positivity is visualizing the day going well and all the great things that you are going to accomplish today.

7:00 AM: focus on your goals- look at your to-do list and think about what you want to accomplish, you can also write it down ( the goals ) as writing them down and looking at them, you are more likely to achieve them.

8:00 AM : say your daily affirmations: it is very necessary to say your affirmation, and remind your self that too with conviction.

9:00 AM: spread positivity- spreading positive vibes will not only attract more positive energy but it will also open the new doors for you and it will bring more positivity to others and in return, they will want to do the same for you.

10:00 AM: meditate- meditation is an important phenomenon to attract what you want in the ecosystem. Meditate at least 5-10 mins daily to calm your inner self, clear your mind, and focus your energy on good.

11:00 AM: look at your vision board- looking at your vision board will remind you constantly that what you are working towards. It will not also motivate you to work hard to achieve your goal but also to ensure that yes you are going in the right direction.

12:00 PM: write in your gratitude journal- it means that yes you are thankful for all the good things and you are learning from the bad, it’s all a part of life and you are thankful for it.

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