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Knockdown the Lockdown



We know all that due to the entering of the corona virus to cause a pandemic situation so many countries declared lockdown. India also declared the lockdown.

There are so many changes occurred in our daily life. All colleges, universities, and all educational institutes had been closed. And all academic-related activities had been stopped.

Students from primary level to university level had to stay at the homes. It was a very critical time for all to protect themselves from the corona.

And the major effect was on the students. Because all works had been done online and without physical presence. But when coming to education it was somewhat difficult to manage as usual.

Here I am explaining the way i have used the lockdown productively.

When I returned home due to the corona I did not have any idea because I thought the holidays would be short and I would reach the college very soon. But the days were going on, the questions started rising in my mind. I started thinking about the future. Because I am a BTech student. It is where I have to improve my self-practice and I have to improve myself beyond academics.

I started learning some knowledge through some online platforms. I started doing some online courses from Udemy and Coursera etc. I completed some courses.

And I came to know about a programming platform that is propagated. The progate is a platform that provides some online courses from a basic level. And progate conducts learning weekends.It also gives some challenges. And based on the performances it also gives certifications. Those certification gaining will be very challenging for students.

And I started learning web development also. I learned HTML, CSS javascript through Udemy. After completion of learning of these, i started doing some samples on web development. And I made all my samples online through codepen and etc.

And I learned some basics of javascript through solo learn app.It is the app where we can learn the subject by doing challenges and after completion of all challenges, we can get certification.

And i did the course on responsive web design and did all projects which are compulsary to get certification.

The biggest thing I learned from this lockdown is knowing about internships. I did not know about the internships. When i created the account linked in I came to know about so many things. I started applying for internships. And attended the interviews for those internships. I attended 4-5 interviews and selected them for all those. Now I have some position to share something on social media which is official.

There are so many platforms to learn new things and gain knowledge from so many online platforms. Irrespective of the position we can learn anything.

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