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Jio Phones Under 5000 Rupees?



Introduction :

After a huge success in the telecom industry by introducing their Jio sim cards. Now they step ahead with their new strategy to bring Jio phones under 5000 Indian rupees.

King of telecom :

Jio has ruled almost more than half in the Indian telecom sector and making the traditional telecom brands like Vodafone and Airtel to stand behind them not only ended with it, they also made some brands like Tata DoCoMo, videocon, Airtel to end their journey in the telecom sector.

In the mid of this year, Jio made a partnership with Google for a huge investment of $4.5, a billion. The partnership between them may bring a huge move in the mobile phone industry.

Road to success :

The ban of Huawei from the use of Google products and the continuous ban of Chinese application may even end with a ban of legendary brands ruling the Indian smartphone industry like Redmi, etc. This pays a complete way to Jio phones to reach the ladder of success in a short duration of time.

Jio phone :

The upcoming Jio phone was rumored to be priced for just 4000 rupees with a new android one version. They also planned to manufacture more than 200 million smartphones and make them available from the year 2022. Probably Jio might launch their phones bundle with their new exclusive plans for Jio phone to hit more people in a short duration of time.

And we can also expect Jio phone with 5G compatibility after the second half of the year 2022.

Ambani’s plan will soon make India join in the race for 5G. Also, there are some talks to buy manufacturing industries from lava, Karbon.

Conclusion :

It will be more useful to the more number of people who did not have a smartphone. It will be one the best and more affordable smartphones to buy under 5000rupees

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