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Java script….



Hello everyone i am simran shrivas and today i discuss important thing to all of you which is related to our social life…

Java script,it is related to a computer and technology system.And computer language.

Originally, JavaScript engines were only used in web browsers, but are now incorporated in some servers, typically by Node.js.

They are also embedded in a range of frameworks such as Electron and Cordova generated applications.

**What is java script..

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language for computers.

It is lightweight and most frequently used as part of web pages whose implementations allow the user to interact with the client-side script and build dynamic pages.

**use of javascript..

Where HTML and CSS are languages that give web pages structure and style, JavaScript gives interactive elements to web pages that engage a user.

JavaScript is one of the World Wide Web’s main technologies, alongside HTML and CSS.[8] JavaScript allows interactive web pages and is an integral part of web applications.

It is used for client-side page actions by the vast majority of websites[9], and all major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute it.

JavaScript supports event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles as a multi-paradigm language.


1993 saw the introduction of the Mosaic web browser.

It played a prominent role in the rapid growth of the nascent World Wide Web as the first browser with a graphical user interface accessible to non-technical people.] Mosaic

‘s leading developers then formed the Netscape company, which in 1994 launched a more polished browser, Netscape Navigator.

The most used browser rapidly became Navigator

**Related technologies..

A common misconception is that JavaScript is Java-like or closely related.

It is true that both have a C-like syntax (its most immediate common ancestor language is the C language).

Both are usually sandboxed (when used inside a browser), and JavaScript has been designed with the syntax and standard library of Java in mind.

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