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Introduction to the concept of Computer Graphics



In the particular graphics system, we usually store, manipulate, and create different graphical diagrams, pictures, or images. Computer graphics has got versatile different applications in the field of science, engineering, business, art, entertainment, medical science, advertisement, education training, and so on.

What is Computer Graphics?

  • Computer graphics refers to the creation storage, manipulation of pictures and drawing using a digital computer.
  • Computer graphics has become efficient tool for presentation of information that is very important so it is a tool with the help of which we can do the presentation of information in diverse fields and applications.

Graphic Display

  • Graphics displays also improve the understanding of complex systems and visualization of two-dimensional that is 2d and three-dimensional that is 3d objects.
    • The particular graphic system will help with information to present it in a graphical way so that we can visualize then we can do a better understanding rather than keeping our data in a tabular form.
  • We are having multiple different ways in which we can display our images.
    • Raster Scan Display
    • Random Scan Display
    • Direct view Storage Tube
    • Flat Panel Display
    • 3D Viewing Display
    • Stereoscopic and Virtual Reality System

Pixel is the basic building block of one image. The pixel is actually the word came from the picture element and sometimes also we can call or we can spell as PEL that is picture element or pixel.

What is a pixel?

  • The pixel is the smallest size object or color spot that displays and addresses on a screen.
  • So, any image which displays on the monitor which is of thousands of pixels.
  • Pixel is the minimum area on the screen on the computer display screen which you can ignite.

What is a dot?

  • The internal surface of the monitor screen has a coat with red, green, and blue phosphorous materials.
  • That glows when struck by the stream of electrons.
  • The coated material is arranged into an array of millions of tiny cells.
  • Red, green and blue, are the respective cells and these color cells are usually called the dots.
  • So, we are having this green dot, blue dot, and the red dot and comprising them depending upon the ratio of their color proportions that palette will be displayed for the pixel for which these dots are there.
Graphics dots
Screen Resolution
  • Screen Resolution actually decides by the number of pixels which will be coming in the x-axis and y-axis of the display.

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