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Hike hiring Partner-People and Culture (through LinkedIn) in New Delhi location.



Hike is hiring for the role of Partner-People and Culture (through LinkedIn) in New Delhi location. Interested candidates can apply for this recruitment drive and register through the given link. The detailed eligibility criteria to qualify and the application process are given below.

Job Summary of Hike:

Company Name: Hike

Location: New Delhi

Job Role: Partner-People and Culture



How is it that in a world that’s evolving so quickly that social products still feel the same? Strangely enough, we’re still using products that were invented in the 2G era. There seems to be an emptiness with the current experience and today’s products are built to force humanity to be superficial.

We’d like to change that.

With the advancements in technology, so much more is possible today that wasn’t even possible, just a few years ago. We believe the timing couldn’t be better.


We’re thoughtful about why we do things and here are 6 principles guiding our thinking:

  • Advancements in Tech & AI:Allowing more bits to be pushed to users in real-time and thus allowing far richer, more personalised experiences.
  • Bits Cheaper than Atoms: Today, bringing rich, luxurious experiences to the masses is faster, more efficient and cheaper online than it is offline.
  • Self Worth Moving Online: 40% of people’s waking life is now spent on their smartphones. The next generation is far more comfortable online than offline.
  • Vertical Communities: We don’t live our lives in one massive community. We’re specific in the activities we engage in (art, gaming, fitness etc).
  • New Business Models: Putting customer at the centre. These won’t be ad-driven in the traditional sense. Think micro-transactions, subscriptions and more.
  • Consumers as Owners: It’s a bit strange that consumers aren’t part of the value chain. Turning customers into owners is a fascinating thought.


It’s so clear to us that technology evolves but people stay the same. We’re solving for a core human need – social connection and with all the evolution in technology, today we can solve for that in brand new ways.

At our core, we’re a creative company. Ideas and pixels is where we live and we love building magical products that make our users feel ‘wow’ inside. It’s not just about features, it’s also about how they make people feel. We build at the intersection of the scientific and the romantic.

And it all starts with people, the right team that cares deeply about our mission, values and our users. At hike, you’ll have the chance to do the best work of your life.

Come join us and shape the future of social.


Here They Are

We’re on a journey to build something new, something different and making anything innovative & new requires the ability to surrender to the unknown. The Hike Code is our value system. It is our guide to navigate through the unknown to build incredible products.

  • Top Talent in Every Role: We look for people with an incredible intellect. Both skills and values are important to us.
  • Pro-Sports Team:Strengths based, results driven with a “team-first” attitude
  • Customer at the Centre: Everything we do is inspired by how can we better solve for our customer.
  • Constant Innovation:It’s our DNA to walk into the unknown in search of having meaningful impact.
  • Act Like Owners: We own the output of what we do, even if it’s explicitly not our job.
  • Thoughtful Decision Making: Clear Mind + Obsession to Simplify + Data Driven. We strive to be thoughtful.
  • Always be Hustling: We understand that success is not one big leap but tiny gains compounding over time #ABH.
  • Be Open Minded & Coachable: We have a quest to continuously #RiseUp to be the best version of ourselves.

Role & Requirements

If you’ve made it till here, then you’re probably interested in the role 🙂

Key Day To Day Responsibilities

  • Implement, build and drive People Team Policies, Processes and People Programs across areas such as Employee Engagement & Experiences, Onboarding, Wellness, Company Culture, Diversity & Inclusion and develop measures to ensure impact by tracking performance & success metrics.
  • Refine & Reinvent our core People Programs or simply implement ways to inject more enthusiasm & interest into the work life of our Hikers.
  • Support People Programs & Product engagement survey results and build out plan of actions/programs accordingly.
  • Responsible for bringing the culture to life and connecting Hikers to our mission, Cultural values and each other through collaborating & driving experiences.
  • Drive respectful workplace activities and efforts that reflect and nurture an inclusive, welcoming & equal workplace environment for all Hikers which would have strong integration of inclusion & diversity in all People & Engagement Programs.
  • Responsible for driving health & wellness programs and workshops to ensure well being of Hikers.
  • Manage the Internal Communications strategy which keeps the Hikers connected & informed of upcoming company wide events, policy changes, engagement initiatives, highlight of inclusion efforts, etc.
  • Collaborate with managers across Hike to ensure they promote cultural engagement and encourage their teams to participate actively in events, activities & programs.


We’re looking for someone dynamic and you’ll need to have the below in generous quantities to succeed in this role.

  • You have 1 to 3 years of relevant experience
  • An Ambitious Strategist and Scaler- You love reasoning from first principles and don’t believe in doing something just because “it’s always been done that way”. You can connect the dots between where we’re going and how we need to get there.
  • A Creator- Who obsesses about nurturing a high-impact, high-performance, kind culture. Very detail-oriented yet flexible approach to problem solving.
  • An Operator- You enjoy breaking big problems into ambitious project plans with clear milestones and success metrics. You can take a great idea, imagine it at scale, and then execute a delightful, repeatable experience. We believe Ideas are 10% but Execution is 90% of the job.
  • Excellent Prioritisation Chops- You can distinguish between the important and urgent, and know-how to appropriately tackle each challenge
  • Comfort with Ambiguity- Thriving to work in a high octane & challenging environment. Our environment changes rapidly so it’s important to have an ability to handle unexpected changes and challenges.
  • A Collaborator- Who builds trusted relationships with leaders by providing deep insights and helping them see around corners.
  • Excellent Communicator- A clear, approachable and friendly communication style, both written & verbal and the willingness to tailor your message to different audiences.
  • Bonus Points:
    • Experience with or interest in People Analytics
    • Experience in a high growth internet or technology company
    • Set up some awesome innovative People Programs/Products and initiatives.
    • Experience in product management, or a knack for program management and operational excellence
    • A leader and coach, who loves building and developing high-impact teams
    • Experience with remote working


  • A flat and transparent culture
  • Flexible working hours – No fixed Checkin/Checkout
  • Unlimited Snacks, food, and drinks on the house
  • Tools of the trade – MacBook, Latest Softwares
  • Monthly Communication Reimbursement
  • Best learning and development opportunities
  • A chance to have a big impact early in your career

At Hike, we value diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer: we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, ethnicity or disability status.

How to Apply Hike for the role of Partner-People and Culture?

Apply Link of Hike & For More Details: Click Here

For More Job Update:

This notification is for the recruitment of Partner-People and Culture from Hike. You can apply through the given link for the profile of the Partner-People and Culture.

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