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A person has a big question in brain he asked his Friend “My dear Friend What is the Heavenly Home and Home of Hell” .

The friend answered his question and asked him to come along with him. They went to a big house with all facilities. A wife and husband were sitting around the dining table as they were unhealthy a nutritious soup was placed before them they were having their soup with a large spoon only two drops were dropping into their mouth remaining liquid was on falling on their clothes.

His friend took him to another big house with the same situation a wife and husband were sitting around a dining table and they were unhealthy and a nutritious soup was placed before them with a large spoon.

The husband took that large spoon with soup and feeding that soup to his wife. In the same way, the wife is doing them mutually cooperating with each other and having that nutritious soup completely.

The friend said did you observe the difference between two families. Both are in the same position but in the second home, there is unity and understanding between them this is a Heavenly Home. In the first home, there is no unity and understanding that is Home of Hell.

Be Unite and spread peace.

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