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are dinosaurs alive

Dinosaur’s in 2020?



Introduction :

Dinosaur’s in 2020! . Is it possible for a species like dinosaur’s to exist even after a many years of extinction?? . Why can’t we see any species in that lank? . Why the lake is so dark? . Where the nissie is living?.what’s about size of it? …yup numerous questions may arise after viewing this topic, and this blog will convey some interesting facts about it.

 Loch Ness :

Loch Ness is a lake located at Scotland in the United Kingdom. It measures about 37 km long and 16 m above the sea level.And a maximum depth of 226.96 m. 

loch ness map

Dinosaur’s :

It is said that 7 sightings was happened in this year.Saint Colombia be the first man to see the monster. While he take bath in a nearby lake he get news about a monster destroy a man and made him die. He has written that after hearing this news he went there and sawed the monster. It was the first recorded sight seeing in the history.

Decades are passed invention of cameras paves a way to record the presence of monster in a photographic manner. In the 1930s the first picture of monster was shoot and circulated in friends group.

The news was published . But a group of people are not accepted the presence of monster in that lake.

Sonar technology :

Sonar technology also involved to check the presence of nissie with a huge amount over 1 million. And recorded about 3 sonar readings which assures the presence of large sized species in that lake.

Group of people’s made an attempt to find the kind of species with the same sonar technology. They, too, find some recording of huge species.

eel :

They said that the lake consists of eel’s and there are larger which are never seen before anywhere by them. And they added that the recordings in sonar may be due to the presence of monsters eel in that lake.

It also due to fact that species like fishes used to travel in large groups in water and the recordings may be due to it.

conclusion :

The muddy water is not clear enough to see even a face while seeing into it. And there is also a huge chance to the presence of eel.but it’s interesting to hear about dinosaur’s in 2020.

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