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Good afternoon everyone i am simran shrivas and today i am discuss about a very very important topic which is “democracy”.

It is a form of government where individuals have the power to choose their governing legislation.

Key questions for democratic theory, creation and constitution are who people are and how power is shared among them.

What is democracy?

Democracy is a form of government in which the rules, policies, leadership, and major undertakings of a state or other government are directly or indirectly determined by the citizens, a community traditionally represented by only a minority of the population (e.g. all free adult males in ancient Athens or all sufficiently owned adult males in Britain in the 19th century) but widely understood since the mid-2020 period.

Where was democracy first practiced?

Studies of contemporary non-literate tribal societies and other data indicate that democracy was practiced in prehistoric times, generally speaking, within hunter-gatherer groups. The transition to settled agricultural communities has resulted in wealth and power inequalities between and within communities and non-democratic hierarchical forms of social organization. Thousands of years later, a relatively democratic form of government was introduced in the city-state of Athe in the 6th century BCE.


The efficacy of democracy has been questioned by some economists, citing the presumption of an irrational voter or a voter who makes decisions without all the evidence or the knowledge required to make a truly informed decision. Another point is that, because of the amount of feedback and involvement required to go ahead with a decision, democracy slows down processes. The high economic growth achieved by China (a non-indemnity) is a common example frequently cited to substantiate this argument.


Democracy, literally, is people-ruling. The term is derived from the Greek dēmokratiā, which was coined in the middle of the 5th century BCE from dēmos (‘people’) and kratos (‘rule’) to denote the political systems then present in some Greek city-states, notably Athens.

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