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Database management system



The Database Management System ( DBMS) is the program for the processing and review of data that communicate with end-users, applications, and the database itself. In addition, the DBMS program covers the key facilities offered to manage the database. An “information system” may be considered the sum total of the information, the DBMS, and the related applications. The term “database” is also sometimes used to refer loosely to any DBMS, database system, or application associated with it.

##what is database?

A “database” formally refers to a collection of linked data and the manner in which it is structured. A database management system ( DBMS) consisting of an integrated collection of computer applications that allow users to interact with one or more databases and provides access to all of the data stored in the database (although there may be limitations restricting access to specific data) typically provides access to this data. The DBMS offers various functions allowing large qua to be entered, stored, and retrieved.


The type of content includes one way of classifying databases, for example bibliographic, document-text, statistical, or multimedia objects. Another way is through their field of application, such as accounting, the composition of music, movies, banking, production, or insurance. A third approach is through certain technical factors, such as the layout of the database or the form of interface. This section lists a few of the adjectives that are used to describe various database forms.

##database management..

DBMS is described by Connolly and Begg as a “software framework that allows users to identify, build, manage, and monitor access to the database.

Often the DBMS acronym is expanded to describe the underlying model of the database, with RDBMS for the relational model, OODBMS for the object (oriented), and ORDBMS for the object-relational model.

A database is a collection of data structured so that it can be accessed, maintained and modified easily.

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