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Can experiential learning improve grades?



Does experience or experiential and the process of learning has any kind of relation? Maybe we all know about the appreciable and substantial scientist “Albert Einstein”. He stated one of the exceptional quotes which have an impeccable inner meaning to the real world.

  • The quote is:
    • “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

Example of experiential learning:-

Example of experiential learning

Let’s take a brief example of a sportsperson and its tennis racket. If you need to balance the tennis racket upon your one finger then where will you aim? Most people will aim at the lower point of the racket that is the butt area and the conclusion will be difficult to balance and hence it will fall.

If sportspeople have to do the same aiming process then he will aim at the midpoint of the bumper guard and he will successfully balance the racket. This specifies as the sports person knew what area would be effective for his result he did the way he had experience in his past. Henceforth before doing something we need to work on the specific problem so that we can understand it properly.

Points to note:-

  • The best way of effective learning will only be when the learners have the urge to absorb knowledge.
  • The direction pointed to the learners for the show can only be fruitful through experiential learning.
  • Experiential learning will not be bounded by the boundaries of the wall it moves beyond the classroom and strives to bring more involved a way of learning.

What do you think what are grades?

Grades are basically proportional to the way we learn. If we just learn it will stay with us for a while but if you do the work and learn through its objective and observation it’s an experience that stays for a lifetime and it will not only improve your grades but also give a flash to improve in future.

Experiential learning and grades are the twin of the idiom “Teach a man to fish” which meaning comes from the famous proverb which goes like, ”when you provide a man with a fish then you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish then you feed him for a lifetime.”

Experiential learning one of the way is put on a play.

Everyone knows how much tough is William Shakespeare’s play or his language. One of the boards has one play in each intermediate examination. If the entire student enacts the play rather than reading in class then they could have better experienced the way of language William Shakespeare want to explain. And also the grade would have improved in their examination.

Let’s think of a puzzle when we first try to solve.

It takes a lot of effort and time. But the second time, it consumes less time and so on. Learning is also a person which needs experience and revision. The first day it’s difficult but little by little it becomes huge, so little effort can solve huge problems.

Experiential learning one more way is it increases engagement within them.

Kids sitting in a classroom 1.5 times fail than those who acquire the way of experiential learning, this was one of the research. It also develops a deeper understanding of the content because it requires you to undergo a process and transfer knowledge. And it is said that transfer knowledge needs deep understanding. It also engages the student and ultimately possess the meaning of teamwork. It develops critical thinking to find out how it works.

  • Before ending it is crucial to state:
    • “View life as a continuous learning experience”.

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