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30 things to do before turning 30



I am sure we all have our bucket lists ready. And as we are aging we are desperate to full fill them one by one. So let’s see some of the things which we can do to make ourselves happy before turning 30.

  1. Adopt a pet, the puppy may be.
  2. Move to a new city. Explore that city.
  3. Pay off the debt, most of the student loans.
  4. Explore a new career path.
  5. Design and create a clothing line. Well, this is my personal favorite.
  6. Take a trip to Italy with mom.
  7. Open an online store.
  8. Go to Costa Rica with dad.
  9. To attend a musical concert.
  10. Get yourself a designer bag or wallet/ belt.
  11. Learn a new language.
  12. Sing karaoke in front of a crowd.
  13. Fall in love.
  14. Volunteer at an animal shelter or a hospital. Donate blood.
  15. Make a difference in someones else life.
  16. Sponsor someone’s education.
  17. Create unique artwork for your home. You can also paint a wall in your bedroom or try typography art.
  18. Join the gym and actually go there.
  19. Get a tattoo, if possible.
  20. Try another side income.
  21. Sleep under the sky and Stars at outside the city.
  22. Do something to make your parents proud.
  23. Travel as much as you can.
  24. Try out various local dishes.
  25. Buy a vehicle.

Everyone has their own unique bucket list and there nothing wrong putting our wishes and happiness forward.

Stay happy and healthy guyz.

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