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30 days of days SELF LOVE challenge



Self-love is very much needed

Hello everyone, as we are very much aware of the current scenario. That we are going through, due to the corona-virus. Our lives have been impacted widely, many people have lost their jobs, few are stuck in some other city others are either working from home or enjoying their quarantine vacation. And Self love is very much needed.

Especially, in an era where people are more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts. Self-love should be taught.

So, people, in 2020 we have to learn to accept ourselves as we are and we have to love ourselves as well, no matter what the way we look, what are our achievements. Basically, we have to adapt and learn. Here I will show you 31 ways of self-love:

  1. Post a picture that makes you feel pretty.
  2. Write out your feeling. Diary is a good option or if you write blogs then write a bog. Sharing in social media can be a good idea if you are comfortable with it.
  3. Wear your favourite outfit.
  4. Cook yourself a healthy breakfast.
  5. Take a long bath. With some lavender oil (or any other essential oil), with some warm water.
  6. Watch a comedy movie that can make you laugh. As we need it the most.
  7. Put on a facemask, with some cucumber slices on your eyes. Add a new coat of nail paint Pamper yourself a little.
  8. Stretch. Do some sun salutations in the presence of the sunlight. Jog or practice yoga.
  9. Forgive yourself for a mistake that you have made. Stop holding a grudge with yourself.
  10. Talks to someone who makes you smile. Pro tip: talk to your mom, sip a cup of coffee/tea.
  11. Belt out your favourite song as loud as you can.
  12. Write down your dreams and inspirations.
  13. Pick up a book you have always wanted to read.
  14. Organize your closets, change your bed-sheets.
  15. Go to bed early. One hour earlier than usual.
  16. Wake up early. Watch the sur-rise.
  17. Try new food, recipe, cuisine.
  18. Call up an old friend, you wanted o talk and make things right. Remove the communication gap.
  19. Do something you enjoy the most. Paint, dance, cook.
  20. Make an effort to be positive. To keep a positive attitude.
  21. Stare Yousef in the mirror. List good qualities and  5 attributes which you wanted to change for good In you.
  22. Spend a day out. Go for a walk. Sit in the sun. Watch sunset.
  23. Listen to a new genre of music.
  24. Dye your colour. Get a haircut. Try something new you have always wanted to.
  25. Buy small plants, and watch them grow.
  26. Buy yourself a new dress and go out with your friends, siblings.
  27. Realize that you are important than anybody else.
  28. Bake a cake or cookies. It’s nice to treat yourself with some desserts.
  29. Fill in a colour book.
  30. Stay motivated, try to learn a new skill.

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